March 24th – Th…

March 24th – The White House is refusing to disclose how much it’s costing taxpayers for Michelle Obama & her daughters to visit China. But Michelle’s room in Beijing is $8,350/night. And Breitbart cites an upcoming National Taxpayers Union Foundation study verifying that O has been on more trips, and blown far more taxpayer money while traveling, than any other president. Talk about “income inequality.” The following exposes just how hypocritical Democrats are on this issue. The Brookings Institution last month listed the large U.S. cities with the highest and lowest ratios of income inequality. The 10 highest in order: Atlanta, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Washington, New York, Oakland, Chicago, Los Angeles & Baltimore. 9 Democrat mayors and just 1 Republican. The 10 lowest in order: Oklahoma City, Raleigh, Omaha, Fort Worth, Colorado Springs, Wichita, Las Vegas, Mesa, Arlington & Virginia Beach. 7 Republican mayors, 2 Independents & 1 lone Dem. Want to narrow income inequality libs? Then stop electing Democrats! P

From Paula Priesse


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