Signature achievement? Obamacare is his only achievement

GEORGE WILL: By now this is both amusing and amazing. It’s amusing because with metronomic regularity, a new day a new delay. People must be having office pools on what will be delayed next about this. It’s amazing, because this is called his signature achievement. It’s not his signature achievement. The Affordable Care Act is his only achievement. He didn’t get climate change, the cap and trade, immigration reform, let’s talk about foreign policy or not. Worst recovery on record.

This has all he has got and he has paid this huge price for it. It’s one of the reasons the Democrats lost the House in 2010. It’s the reason they may lose the Senate in 2014. Yet he somehow won’t defend it. It’s a tapestry of coercions. He had to know there would be resistance to it, it’s mandates, taxes, regulations. And as soon as people get unhappy with it, he delays it. He retreats from it. Now, if he won’t fight for it at this point and insist that it makes sense and stay the course — to use Reagan’s old language — who will? He is not even running for office ever again. Who will defend it if he


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