Dear Mr Obama

Mr Obama, you can not regain credibility while avoiding responsibility . Especially when you have assigned yourself limitless authority .

You can not tell skeptical Americans to trust you when you keep getting it wrong. You claimed help was too far away to save lives in Benghazi. You did not know how many hours the attack would last. You were wrong.

You were wrong on Fast and Furious, IRS targeting your political foes and DOJ spying on reporters.
You claim to have no knowledge then blame rogue staffers of making bone-headed decisions.

You have yet to fire anyone for the billion dollar debacle. You were ignorant of that despite everyone warning you it was not complete or secure. (It still is unsecure).

Despite your Nobel Peace prize, you have been out maneuvered, defied and betrayed regularly.
You led from behind in Libya. You bungled Syria with a Red Line made of disappearing ink. Isreal is less secure because you about on behalf of their sworn foe. China and Russia watch you hold out a very limp “outstretched hand”  then ignore you in Ukraine and the South China Sea.

Meanwhile you have yet to acknowledge we conservatives were correct on ALL these issues. So who should the American people trust to get it right; You or us?


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