This is the time

With so many conservatives disgusted with our gutless D. C. “leadership” now is the time to reexamine the success (or failure)  of the local Republican,  Tea Party or Libertarian groups in our cities and counties.

We must honestly measure our ability to communicate what we stand for. We must measure our influence in our local spheres of responsibility.
How much can we accomplish in our school district by attending a school board meeting?
How much influence do we have on our city council?
Are we leading the charities and the parachutes volunteer organizations?

Progressives control the mainstream news media, Hollywood and much of government. They don’t believe that they need to listen to us!

If we Patriots have success at the local level,  perhaps that will influence D. C. in a positive way. Clearly marches on Washington won’t do it without some focused follow up.

We must redouble our efforts to reach the people who are finally starting to pay attention. Many people are becoming interested in Conservatism or Libertarianism for the first time. Let’s explain why they work: for the individual AND the community.

The only organizations that truly scare the Left are the TeaParty type groups. We should note that. Tea Party, keep doing what you are doing!


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