When Pressed on How Bill O’Reilly Is ‘Unfair’ to Him, Obama Cited These 3 Examples | Video | TheBlaze.com


At about the 3 minute mark Obama dismissed school vouchers so blithely. “They haven’t made a big difference”. He kept making that assertion. Well according to whom? Did the parents or students tell him that? Was there no measurable change in student attendance or grades?
Or, was he TOLD by the powerful teachers union to quash the program before it caught on nationally in the underperforming school districts?

O’Reilly pressed him on a lack of focus on issues that sabotage the poor. He asked Obama why he didn’t speak out on teen sexual it. Why he didn’t express concern over the high rate of out of wedlock births in the Black community. Obama claims he has given 10 speeches that mention the issue in the past five years. He calls that “repeatedly”.

O’Reilly called him on his disingenuous answers in a respectful bit frank way. Well done Bill.


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