I have noticed that women are often objectified  by men. Surprisingly this isn’t done behind the woman’s back but right to her face. Often, the men seem unaware of how juvenile or annoying they sound.
Sadly,some men use  such language deliberately to hurt a woman or “put her in her place”.
If the woman is attractive then her talent, personality and accomplishments are ignored for the juvenile statement, “I’d hit that”. On the other hand, if the woman is not known for her looks then her talent, personality and accomplishments are downplayed and her looks are the punchlines to endless a jokes.

For example, Harris Faulkner is an anchor woman on Fox news.
On her Facebook page there have been an inordinate number of comments made by men who appear to obsessed with her cleavage.
Comments about her looks often outnumber comments on her professionalism. White Knights who encourage men to be classy and treat Harris, who is married,  with respect are ignored. Most of the men seem to like and admire Harris but they come across very juvenile.

Michelle Malkin is an outspoken blogger journalist and Fox News contributor. Comments by men are consistently vulgar , hateful and full of sexual slurs.

This is most noticeable with famous women but the pattern is consistent with the local pastor’s wife, principal or coworker.


How can we encourage men to be more respectful?


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