Racist much?

I constantly hear people say the Pittsburgh is racist. In fact,  it’s taken as axiomatic.
What do they mean? That the majority of citizens are bigots? Do they mean the business climate is set up to NOT hire minorities? Do they mean the city government is out to harass blacks?

In my opinion a judgement like that is based on many factors that are subjective. Personal interactions with law enforcement will vary by neighborhood and the nature of the incident.
Whether a business hires me may be due to my interview skills but another black male may have less success because of poor education.

My church has made diversity a goal, not just cosmetic (color, nationality) but also income, political and denominational differences.
Most churches are still all black or white with perhaps a single Asian family.

I have been stopped for Walking While Black. I was followed around department stores as a youth while white juveniles robbed the store blind. Bigotry IS real. However, I have been treated with respect 99% of the time. In my opinion that is because I treat MYSELF with respect. I project self confidence AND humility.


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