@RobertFouracre my last word…

If you don’t want to speak out against the legalized murder of 30 million babies that is your choice. But please don’t suggest those of us who care about ALL kids have anything to prove because of the actions of a handful of violent people.
I have never met a single prolife American (Christian or not) who didn’t care passionately about all children from womb to salvation to adulthood.

That’s why we support private Christian adoption agencies to find good parents. Why we run soup kitchens, donate new/gently used clothes, mentor kids of who have Monday in their life. Why we minister hope to youth in Shuman Juvenile center.

And so on and so on. My church Covenant Church of Pittsburgh gives me many opportunities to bless kids like the above example.

However, even if I didn’t do a darn thing but blog about unborn Americans right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – that principle would stand on its own.

Can you imagine dismissing American slaves plight because a slave holders were attacked?
Or because abolitionists didn’t take part in YOUR preferred social programs?

Take a hard look at a sonogram then read the Bible with fresh eyes.



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