Liberal Land: Anti-Capitalism

There is a reason for the Love/Hate relationship between liberals and business. Business tries to love liberals in order to get their approval. Walmart has bent over backwards to accommodate rules from Washington DC community organizations. They still demonize Walmart.

Same with many others. Mayors threatened to refuse Chik Fil A a permit because of the religious conviction of its founder. Mayors ran manufacturers out of town because they make firearms. Firearms honest citizens, local police and government employees use. Keystone Pipeline stalled for no legal or scientific reason. And so on…

Boycott this, Occupy that. Onerous regulations and taxes. Then liberals DEMAND they hire more people and raise minimum wage.

Liberals encourage illegal immigration despite the downward pressure on wages illegal aliens exert.

How can liberals be so anti business but think it’s possible to be pro jobs? It just doesn’t work.

So liberals fallback on more welfare, more unemployment which means bigger government  bureaucracy. More government means less privacy, liberty and higher taxes or fees for everyone.

The fantasy of Soviet Equality results in everyone getting poorer. More part time and less full time. Fewer jobs in general. Liberals never admit they are wrong so they just double down. 
So we are stuck with more people on welfare now than 4 years ago. More people on disability (fraudulently) and more people who have given up. The author of Hope and Change doesn’t accept responsibility –  he blames the employers. But if the labor participation rate was good he would get all the credit.

We need principled leaders who believe in Liberty. Otherwise, our economy will end up permanently ruined… And the employers will be blamed. “You didn’t build that, someone else did that.”


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