No Information Voters part 2: Liberal Land

I periodically visit Facebook pages for liberals. These pages show what the ‘NoFo’ or No Information Voters believe. In their version of reality, POTUS is a noble, wise hero constantly thwarted by the Evil Rich and their lackeys the powerful GOP.

POTUS is never responsible for anything bad that happens. Scandals are ALWAYS made up. Remarkable, since even Obama will admit that something went wrong with Health.Gov and IRS and Fast and Furious. The liberals on these cult like pages refuse to acknowledge that anyone in his administration has broken any laws.

Even the mildest criticism is assumed to be ‘dog-whistle’ racism. No argument is examined for facts. Liberals favorite response is high school name calling. “Bigot!” “Moron! ” “Uncle Tom!”

The Tea Party, Fox News and true conservative lawmakers are routinely blamed for every problem. No explanation is given of HOW we can wreak so much havoc while Obama is out fundraising or playing golf. Racist and misogynistic insults are common.

There are entertaining aspects however, the predictions of health care Nirvana continue despite all evidence to the contrary. Obama is given a pass for lying by the same people who accused conservatives of lying with such self righteous vigor the last 3 years.
Liberal math is displayed in me messages that are full of emotional content but make absolutely no sense in the real world.
Chronic high gas prices and chronic low labor participation get treated like the New Normal. Remember when these same liberals held Bush personally accountable for 5.3% unemployment and $2.50 gas?


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