Knockout Games

Three “Knockout” Attacks Reported In Philadelphia Area

The reports of the Knockout Game have been mostly low key. Youth are trying to Knockout unsuspecting strangers in one punch. As troubling as this is, what’s worse is what has been left out.
The assailants are BLACK Teens. The victims are White, Jewish or Asian.
Many are senior citizens. All were minding their own business.

Why would the media leave so much information out?

For many years black people have complained that when a crime is committed by a black man his name and a picture or video always show up. When a crime is committed and you do not see a picture or video of the criminal they note it often turns out the criminal was white.
Perhaps the mainstream media is not interested in the whole story because it does not fit the narrative they have built up.
News stories depict black men as violent criminals in particular but blacks in general as victims of well everything: worse health, less wealth worst education etc.

The first Black President has done nothing to improve any of these issues.
Obama was asked by the Black Caucus to provide leadership. They complained of 16% unemployment (Sep 2011). His patronizing response left many speechless.

“Take off your bedroom slippers.
Put on your marching shoes,’
‘Shake it off. Stop complainin’.
Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’.

We are going to press on. We have work to do.”

Remember the calls for racial dialogue after the Trayvon Martin case?
This issue must be dealt with, as openly and publicly. Some have suggested this ‘game’ is actually a reaction to race baiting from the that case. AG Eric Holder, President Obama, Al Sharpton screamed racism long and loud.

No more race baiting, we demand real leadership.


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