Obama and Legacy

Why is Obama so irrational in regards to health care?
My theory:
He has an imperative to leave a legacy. Just as a strong as the biological imperative to have a child, a person who has power has an ideological imperative to leave a legacy. It doesn’t have to be good or bad it just has to be HIS and his alone.

Conspiracy theory:
This is a means to an end.
The real powers behind the Throne, George Soros and Valerie Jarrett, want Single Payer so they will not give Obama any wiggle room.
Obama care will collapse in a very messy way; the result will be millions of Americans willing to take any health care that promises stability – that is Single Payer.

It’s up to the Conservatives to make a case for bottom up, patient first health care. The mainstream media acts like there is no other path. We must educate the masses on the value of Liberty.

The legacy of one man is not worth the liberty of us all.


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