Rx For Disaster

There are two trends that have me worried. The first trend  seems innocuous; every social ill is being converted into a national health issue. For example, New York Mayor Bloomberg banned large soft drinks under the guise of public health. Courts promptly overturned this misguided effort. Still, even the apolitical wondered what the mayor was thinking. Public schools teach sex education to increasingly younger kids with the same rationale. 

Pregnancy and STDs are treated as health issues for kids but the the moral dimension is treated as irrelevant or simply a matter of opinion. Condoms are passed out to kids who can barely spell. Abortion information – even transportation is provided over parental objections. 


Imagine if bullet proof vests were provided to teen boys. Information on the ‘safest’ way to commit burglary was provided. The rationale would be: “Boys will be boys, we don’t want them getting shot and killed by home owners or police however”. 

It sounds ridiculous until you recall that banning ADULTS from buying large sodas is also ridiculous. 


The second trend is big business and government both using health care/insurance as a carrot/stick in order to NUDGE Americans into a one size fits all Healthy Lifestyle. This has been mostly an issue of exercise and smoking cessation. With government now MANDATING every aspect of Americans physical health and insurance Uncle Sam has morphed into Big Brother. Your intimate details belong to the Dept of Health and Human Services. 

Your decisions could effect your tax return and your chance of promotion. 


If the Government retains control of the Health industry a day could come when minor Mental Health issues could affect your ability to own a gun for example. 

Update:Nov 20, 2013
North Texas Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood
Fort Worth police apologize for its role in federal ‘survey’


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