Young Gifted Black… Conservative?

Yes I’m that mythical Black Conservative.

Funny how ‘open minded’ liberals attack me so viciously.

I have been told that I hate my race and myself. I always ask which conservative principle is racist?

Is it limited government? Respect for individual rights? How about government that is responsible with my tax money?

They use this Big Lie after running out of ammunition. It’s so predictable that it’s more tedious than offensive.

I am a Black man. I love Black people. I have experienced racial prejudice. Subtle and blatant.

I simply refuse to fixate on racism. I have experienced so much more kindness!  Years ago, as a first time father, I struggled with my newborn and his paraphernalia- people always helped me. I quickly got the hang of it but people still offered to help anyway.

Perhaps I’m spoiled because I attend Covenant Church of Pittsburgh. My Pastor, Joseph L Garlington, has consistently used his sharp wit to disarm the sting of prejudice. He also has SOUGHT out a multiracial, multicultural congregation. I grew up observing interracial friendships and marriages. I have friends of various races AND incomes. Diversity enriches my life.

Racism IS real. But God’s love, friendship and American patriotism is much stronger. So yes, my life is defined by my faith in God, family and country. Not by racism –  real or imagined! 



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