Big Lies

The Recession is over

This bill(ACA) will not add a single dime to the federal deficit

The stimulus(TARP) worked

The American people overwhelmingly want this health reform

The debate on Global Warming is over

He is a post-partisan president

He is a post-racial president

Benghazi is a manufactured scandal

The GOP single-handedly closed the government


The sky is green… The earth is flat… The check is in the mail…

These are Big Lies. They only work because the speakers use them with conviction. They never stand up to honest

scrutiny. They only work if mainstream media sources repeat them as if they were Fact. As if they were Truth.

For those of us who see through the charade it is frustrating. “How can that squared -jawed, blow dried anchor just repeat that without bothering to fact-check it?”

Sorry, he only fact checks the conservative guests.

“How can that gender neutral hipster state such an obvious lie without any hesitation?”

Easy, she/he is a true believer. Drinking the Kool-Aid throughout college. Never questioning even the biggest whoppers – as long as the lie agrees with the left wing narrative.

For conservatives, it is very frustrating because we are idealists too; we keep expecting CNN, ABC News and MSNBC to suddenly admit “The emperor has no clothes!”

I honestly believe the Left wants America to succeed. Unfortunately , their definition of success is different from ours. Worse, they don’t require Truth from themselves, so whenever they do ‘fact checking’ its just to attack an inconvenient truth.

History may yet vindicate us. Truth has a way of getting out.



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