What is a Conservative?

The mainstream media dismiss conservatives as greedy, selfish bigots. Let’s examine conservative values to determine if they are correct.

What is a Conservative?

 Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets and individual liberty. When the going gets tough, they turn to their family, friends, Church and government.  

Conservatives believe governing is about leading people not taking care of people. The taking care of people always ends up coercing people. 

Conservatives believe We the People ARE the government. The judicial, executive and legislative branches exist to carry out OUR WILL. 

Conservatives believe people have a right to succeed or fail on their own this is called Liberty.

Conservative have read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence; they want to CONSERVE the spirit of both documents. 

Limited government means just that ; the Constitution lays out a few specific powers granted to the Fed. More powers are granted to the States. Liberty is reserved for the Individual. 

Contrast this to the people who believe in governmental actions to achieve equal opportunity and equal results. The government is expected to alleviate social ills, eliminate economic disparity keep everyone safe from physical or emotional harm. The government is a separate entity expected to solve  peoples problems.

Clearly, conservatives have a rational, realist philosophy congruent with the founders of our nation. 

Greed and bigotry have no place in conservative thought.







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